One thing to remember is, we have a relationship with EVERYTHING. With our friends/family, with work, with our money, our food, the gym….not all just love and kisses. This is seemingly why we can’t escape the word.

If you think about all the types of relationships we have, you can see how one year you like one thing and another year your into another thing. We aren’t supposed to eat the same food every day for the rest of our lives, so, why would we treat any relationship to a ‘forever’ status? There is all that ego pressure in ‘making’ something forever. Fighting anything is going against the current, and really, we should leave that up to the salmon to do that. Sometimes you need to ask yourself, is this really worth fighting for? What am I really getting from this? Step outside of what you fear to happen, and just allow. If something keeps coming up like a broken record, you need to stop, think, and stop the player. The record will stop playing the same song when you are ready to stop hearing it. Ego likes the same song, Spirit wants a totally different record on the player.

Most of the time, we have these feelings of, what will others think?! Which really, once you learn that NOBODY really cares what you are doing, you will actually start making choices that you want. Not because so and so thinks it’s a great fit! Stopping the chatter from other people in your lives in refreshing and liberating. In fact, remove yourself from the chatter, because their chatter is not making your life, and generally it’s toxic having other people putting their two sense on something that they have no idea about. It’s like someone reading the 1st page and last page of the book….there is a whole lot of details in the middle! Listening to what you feel your needs are, and living in those perimeters, you may find that the world will grant you more than you had in mind.

This subject in itself can be probably the longest book written….remembering to be true to yourself and leaving the social standards of where you should be, or what you should be doing will set your apart from everybody else. Everyone’s book is sooo different, this is why if you take a look around at anything, all we do is talk, listen, and surround ourselves with others, even with strangers! 😉

**Did you notice that this post wasn’t about LOVE?** Because sometimes that isn’t what it’s ALL about! Life is about YOU! Once you are accepting to learn about you, what really makes you tick, all sorts of grand things will happen!

Live everyday like you have been given the greatest gift possible!



2 thoughts on “Relationships….

  1. Also! I wanted to really make clear…it’s OK to think for yourself, or END something that doesn’t serve you anymore!!! It’s YOUR life!! It’s best when you are the driver!!! 🙂

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