One of the hardest lessons to learn…

We all get caught up in the blame game…right? I mean, if I’m late somewhere my 1st instinct was to blame something that ‘made’ me late. Or…if I have fallen in a string of bad luck, I’m sure I have an excuse for that too! Lord knows I couldn’t help myself for being late or falling into a pattern of bad luck…right?!?! Well. The honest to goodness truth is….YES, I have control over these things. I remember reading a funny about, not being able to control everything in life, and my hair was there to show me that. Which…THAT is true. 🙂

One of the hardest lesson that for me needs constant attention, or acknowledgement is: The World is a Mirror. When I 1st heard that, I was getting all heated like, ‘are you telling me, I created ________!!!?!?!?!’, defensive was a word I would use as my reaction. What I’ve learned in the past is, if someone is getting defensive, they are fighting something they know they are wrong/guilty of. So, I take a breath now.

We all have energy that we are omitting. It can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and your energy attracts the same type of energy. When I feel like, I’ve gotten into a rut of things, I stop and think, ok, lets change this around, I do not like feeling like this, or having these things happen to me. Like I mentioned for me, I need constant attention of knowing what I’m falling into. Because, I can easily fall into a toxic conversation with someone about the – he said, she said – If I add to that conversation, I’m asking for more drama. My mode now, is, like a fire drill, to: Stop, drop, and roll. When I feel things coming unwound, I stop and change it. Because, since I’m ‘smarter’ now, I know that everything that happens to me, I take full responsibility for. No blame game needed, unless I want more drama in my life 😉

Stop and think what energy your putting out. If you not sure, look at what has/is happening to you. If that is the path you like, keep it up, if not, time to change to it up. Knowing your in control of your fate is…..liberating!!!!!!!!!! Create your future! Surround yourself with positive beings! You will be amazed at the possibilities that are waiting for you at arms length.

The World is a Mirror, let it be a mirror that you would like to look into!


MissCarly 🙂