How Original do YOU feel?

Just like your finger print, there isn’t another finger print like yours out there, never has and never will be.

With all the media of stars doing this, wearing this, eating this, drinking that, and popping this pill……do you find yourself more app to do those things? There is a reason celebrities in Hollywood endorse products…..our egos deep down want to be ‘like’ them. And we feel if we had/did the things they do, that we are one step closer to them. Maybe? Am I stretching it with that idea?

We have sooo much power within us that WE are original. So. Why try to be like anyone else? Emulating others in any regard is taking yourself farther away from your true self. Now. Yes, if you see something you like, I’m not saying that isn’t you. But. There is a ‘hype’ of having this or that, because your favorite celebrities/athlete has it. Not to mention there is often a heavy price tag to emulate our favorite celebrities. Harness your own brand, because you are your own brand. Be proud to do, be, wear what makes you YOU!

I know I have flipped through a fashion or tabloid magazine and thought, “what were they thinking wearing that?!!?” Reality is, they aren’t dressing for me, they are dressing for them. If they left the house being their true self, who am I to judge what they wear. Same thing with having a companion wanting/not wanting you to wear certain things, or, have your hair a certain way. There is one thing to ‘appease’ others, but, how far away from your true self are you willing to go to get the approval of others?

I sometimes say, when shopping with friends, you have to throw out those ‘rules of fashion’, because. 1st: aren’t rules meant to be broken? 😉  and 2nd: Fashion changes as quickly as the seasons do, and that isn’t a pun!

So. Bottom line, if you see someone that you are questioning their choices….stop. Be You! Let others be who they want to be! If you feel like you have let the ideas of others/media steer you in a direction that isn’t you, time to take a hold of the wheel.

Remember that we came into the world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. (as much as I want to take ALL my shoes with me…)

Mix things. Shake things. Create things. Color outside the lines. Break social standards.

Being your true self will only radiate yourself, your soul, your purpose. Lets radiate! And! Lets let others radiate without questioning their choices! Practice the art of just being!

BigLove AllMyOneOfAKinds!


*Now, if I have mascara running down my face, or lipstick in my teeth, do tell me. That isn’t my fashion statement 🙂


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