Why are we here anyways?!

It’s not of pure torture or a coincidence that we are all here on this planet.

What has helped me and really make me alive, and feel connected to the world is, we aren’t just here to:

*Get Married

*Have 2.5 kids

*Work 9-5 / M-F

*Have a White picket fence

That certainly is a picture that I know I had gotten stuck in my head, especially since I was dedicated to playing Barbie and Ken until it wasn’t socially acceptable as a child.

Knowing that life is a WAY bigger picture and to release from the ideas that bind us to social standards. What are YOU here to do? Everyone on this earth has a special talent or can do something that nobody else can. Show the world what you got!!! That’s what your here for!  When you show the world your purpose, your soul will rejoice with it’s true self. Life doesn’t have to be hard. If it’s hard, truth be told….you have made it hard. Remember that ego is hard and spirit is easy. So, if your struggling for something and it’s not coming together as you hoped. Stop and think, maybe it’s NOT supposed to happen! This is why I say that I embrace all bridges and barricades, as they are there for a reason. You might not know at the moment a barricade came up, but, later you will acknowledge that it was ‘right’. Because there is simply no such thing as a going a wrong direction. Yes, you might detour, but, again, there is probably a hidden message in that detour that is preparing you for your main path. And, we are always on that main path, there isn’t a cruise control on life. Get out there and do your souls purpose! Because when you do, you will electrify your life, there is no greater feeling.

If you feel like you are in a rut, change your direction. ‘What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi. Start seeking out your path…..it will find you, promise!

Same goes for people in our lives. Do you ever wonder why you feel a connection with someone you just met, they have that certain sparkle in their eyes? That’s just the thing. Most people you come in contact with, your soul has known for a million or so years. We hang around in the same circles: friends, enemies, lovers, family etc… There is almost really nobody new in our lives, because they have been with us forever. Another Rumi quote because I adore him: ‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.’ Also acknowledge that not everyone in your life is supposed to remain with you forever. Many are just here for the lesson, or to help you with a certain time in your life. Once they helped you get through something, they may not be a service to you anymore. It’s o.k. to part from friends/lovers, and not to take it personally when you do part. It’s a natural transition of life. If the forces bring you together again, then, embrace that.

I encourage everyone to look at life in a different light. Not as a day in day out function, but, as a real life changing life! If you need to change things up a bit, change them! Live in the present, because that is the ONLY thing you can change. Can I quote Wayne’s World? When Garth told Wayne to: Live in the NOW! 🙂

Keep things light, fun, and fascinating!


MissCarly 🙂