Letting it unfold….naturally

Ohhh the feeling of: I want it, and I want it NOW!!!

I would believe this is a reaction that we are programmed to have. Pretty sure there hasn’t been one child that hasn’t pouted for not getting what they wanted (reference: any check out line and all the sugar laden treats).

Harnessing the: wait. Well, that seems like a painful process. But, in the end, we all make it after the ‘wait’, heck, we waited for Santa Claus patiently and never died over the wait.

Knowing that a rose never struggles to blossom, is always a thought that puts me in my mental place of letting things…happen. Such an easy concept that I always skip right over when I want something. There is always a reason for the ‘wait’, and allowing the space to create itself is crucial. In short, the wait means: you aren’t ready for what you want. If you were, you’d already have this item of your visions. Yes, that is a painful thought, buuuuutttttt….I want it!!

There is no need to rush what should unfold naturally. Just think of all the items that you might have bought on a whim that… weren’t really sooo great. Who has a house full of infomercial goods? Could you imagine for instant the amount of discarded loves (if we could put them in a box), if we have if we actually ‘got’ every single one we wanted for a moment?  We are always sold on the end result, and really lose sight of the process of getting what we are seeking. It would certainly help if we had the birds eye view for situations.

A lot of times I think all these things I want are good positive things, why should I have to wait?! In my own reflection of these good things, leads me to believe that I’m truly not ready to deal with these great things. Always pointing to the lessons. Seems like such a downer of a word. But, if there were no lessons, there would be no point to living.

How ever you want to say it, I hope these phrases can resonate with you. Many times I’m triggered by a set of words/phrase I hear.

*No need to rush what should unfold naturally

*A rose doesn’t struggle to bloom

*Lose the Agenda

The end result is: what is truly meant for you, there is NO stopping that item from being yours. Even if a giant rock falls on you in the process of getting that ‘thing’. Trust that. Trust the time it takes. Trust the struggles.

Be OPEN! Allow! Create a space! Live Life! And…..for goodness sakes: Have FUN!

In the words of Marvin Gaye, ‘there anit no mountain high enough, to get me from getting to you babe..’


MissCarly 🙂


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