What am I up to?!

Hello ALL my lovely followers!

Seems I’ve not updated to what I’ve been up to these days! Certainly a lot. 🙂

Currently I’m enrolled at IO Chicago, the premier Improv studio in Chicago. I’m at the VERY end of my 1st Improv level 1 class.  I have signed up for Level 2. How did I get into Improv? At Second City, in my writing classes, they highly advised that you take Improv. As it will greatly improve your writing. Which, YES! Makes total sense. After My writing 3 class, I decided to really give Improv a whirl! Plus, I know that Improv helps your mental process of being quick, and thinking on your toes. Surely being wittier than I already am, couldn’t hurt…right? 🙂 I cannot speak more highly of the classmates I have in my class. They are such an inspiration to me, and they are very much on my eccentric level. Which fuels me more. My Improv quest continues, as my Level 2 begins: Oct 24th.


I’m on a couple of dating websites. My main objective is to meet fun new people and if romance strikes, then, God Bless America! I keep it light and fun. I’m loving meeting new people that live in the city and I’m friends with many of the men I’ve had ‘meetings’ with. I LOVE IT! I spent most of my summer with a great guy, we had a lot of fun and lived a little like a real city kid 🙂 I keep myself open, open to any type of friendship that will arise.

House Projects?

I must admit that cutting my lawn was kind of the extent of my household projects this year :/ I have the flooring for my whole house in my garage, an awesome hickory wood laminate that I’m VERY excited about putting down. My mother is a real saint and was my landscaper this year. I can only hope one day I enjoy weeding and edging as much as she does (fingers crossed).

Sweet & Sassy Desserts?

This was something that I’ve gone back and forth with. After I took the summer off this year to enjoy the nights and not turn on the oven. I realized how much I enjoy coming home from work, and doing whatever I want! After over 5yrs of doing my side business weekly, I have decided to put my energy into other things.  I’m open to whatever that creative field may be. Not to say I will never go back to the baking, but, I’m taking a break from that to see what possibilities are out there for me.

I’ve been enjoying life, and being quite a gypsy on the weekends. Just seeing wherever the wind may blow me. I’m on a journey of life to make it special, eccentric, and exciting. I’m very excited to see what is around the corner……big things!


MissCarly 🙂