Letting it unfold….naturally

Ohhh the feeling of: I want it, and I want it NOW!!!

I would believe this is a reaction that we are programmed to have. Pretty sure there hasn’t been one child that hasn’t pouted for not getting what they wanted (reference: any check out line and all the sugar laden treats).

Harnessing the: wait. Well, that seems like a painful process. But, in the end, we all make it after the ‘wait’, heck, we waited for Santa Claus patiently and never died over the wait.

Knowing that a rose never struggles to blossom, is always a thought that puts me in my mental place of letting things…happen. Such an easy concept that I always skip right over when I want something. There is always a reason for the ‘wait’, and allowing the space to create itself is crucial. In short, the wait means: you aren’t ready for what you want. If you were, you’d already have this item of your visions. Yes, that is a painful thought, buuuuutttttt….I want it!!

There is no need to rush what should unfold naturally. Just think of all the items that you might have bought on a whim that… weren’t really sooo great. Who has a house full of infomercial goods? Could you imagine for instant the amount of discarded loves (if we could put them in a box), if we have if we actually ‘got’ every single one we wanted for a moment?  We are always sold on the end result, and really lose sight of the process of getting what we are seeking. It would certainly help if we had the birds eye view for situations.

A lot of times I think all these things I want are good positive things, why should I have to wait?! In my own reflection of these good things, leads me to believe that I’m truly not ready to deal with these great things. Always pointing to the lessons. Seems like such a downer of a word. But, if there were no lessons, there would be no point to living.

How ever you want to say it, I hope these phrases can resonate with you. Many times I’m triggered by a set of words/phrase I hear.

*No need to rush what should unfold naturally

*A rose doesn’t struggle to bloom

*Lose the Agenda

The end result is: what is truly meant for you, there is NO stopping that item from being yours. Even if a giant rock falls on you in the process of getting that ‘thing’. Trust that. Trust the time it takes. Trust the struggles.

Be OPEN! Allow! Create a space! Live Life! And…..for goodness sakes: Have FUN!

In the words of Marvin Gaye, ‘there anit no mountain high enough, to get me from getting to you babe..’


MissCarly 🙂


Why are we here anyways?!

It’s not of pure torture or a coincidence that we are all here on this planet.

What has helped me and really make me alive, and feel connected to the world is, we aren’t just here to:

*Get Married

*Have 2.5 kids

*Work 9-5 / M-F

*Have a White picket fence

That certainly is a picture that I know I had gotten stuck in my head, especially since I was dedicated to playing Barbie and Ken until it wasn’t socially acceptable as a child.

Knowing that life is a WAY bigger picture and to release from the ideas that bind us to social standards. What are YOU here to do? Everyone on this earth has a special talent or can do something that nobody else can. Show the world what you got!!! That’s what your here for!  When you show the world your purpose, your soul will rejoice with it’s true self. Life doesn’t have to be hard. If it’s hard, truth be told….you have made it hard. Remember that ego is hard and spirit is easy. So, if your struggling for something and it’s not coming together as you hoped. Stop and think, maybe it’s NOT supposed to happen! This is why I say that I embrace all bridges and barricades, as they are there for a reason. You might not know at the moment a barricade came up, but, later you will acknowledge that it was ‘right’. Because there is simply no such thing as a going a wrong direction. Yes, you might detour, but, again, there is probably a hidden message in that detour that is preparing you for your main path. And, we are always on that main path, there isn’t a cruise control on life. Get out there and do your souls purpose! Because when you do, you will electrify your life, there is no greater feeling.

If you feel like you are in a rut, change your direction. ‘What you seek is seeking you” -Rumi. Start seeking out your path…..it will find you, promise!

Same goes for people in our lives. Do you ever wonder why you feel a connection with someone you just met, they have that certain sparkle in their eyes? That’s just the thing. Most people you come in contact with, your soul has known for a million or so years. We hang around in the same circles: friends, enemies, lovers, family etc… There is almost really nobody new in our lives, because they have been with us forever. Another Rumi quote because I adore him: ‘Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.’ Also acknowledge that not everyone in your life is supposed to remain with you forever. Many are just here for the lesson, or to help you with a certain time in your life. Once they helped you get through something, they may not be a service to you anymore. It’s o.k. to part from friends/lovers, and not to take it personally when you do part. It’s a natural transition of life. If the forces bring you together again, then, embrace that.

I encourage everyone to look at life in a different light. Not as a day in day out function, but, as a real life changing life! If you need to change things up a bit, change them! Live in the present, because that is the ONLY thing you can change. Can I quote Wayne’s World? When Garth told Wayne to: Live in the NOW! 🙂

Keep things light, fun, and fascinating!


MissCarly 🙂

How Original do YOU feel?

Just like your finger print, there isn’t another finger print like yours out there, never has and never will be.

With all the media of stars doing this, wearing this, eating this, drinking that, and popping this pill……do you find yourself more app to do those things? There is a reason celebrities in Hollywood endorse products…..our egos deep down want to be ‘like’ them. And we feel if we had/did the things they do, that we are one step closer to them. Maybe? Am I stretching it with that idea?

We have sooo much power within us that WE are original. So. Why try to be like anyone else? Emulating others in any regard is taking yourself farther away from your true self. Now. Yes, if you see something you like, I’m not saying that isn’t you. But. There is a ‘hype’ of having this or that, because your favorite celebrities/athlete has it. Not to mention there is often a heavy price tag to emulate our favorite celebrities. Harness your own brand, because you are your own brand. Be proud to do, be, wear what makes you YOU!

I know I have flipped through a fashion or tabloid magazine and thought, “what were they thinking wearing that?!!?” Reality is, they aren’t dressing for me, they are dressing for them. If they left the house being their true self, who am I to judge what they wear. Same thing with having a companion wanting/not wanting you to wear certain things, or, have your hair a certain way. There is one thing to ‘appease’ others, but, how far away from your true self are you willing to go to get the approval of others?

I sometimes say, when shopping with friends, you have to throw out those ‘rules of fashion’, because. 1st: aren’t rules meant to be broken? 😉  and 2nd: Fashion changes as quickly as the seasons do, and that isn’t a pun!

So. Bottom line, if you see someone that you are questioning their choices….stop. Be You! Let others be who they want to be! If you feel like you have let the ideas of others/media steer you in a direction that isn’t you, time to take a hold of the wheel.

Remember that we came into the world with nothing, and we leave with nothing. (as much as I want to take ALL my shoes with me…)

Mix things. Shake things. Create things. Color outside the lines. Break social standards.

Being your true self will only radiate yourself, your soul, your purpose. Lets radiate! And! Lets let others radiate without questioning their choices! Practice the art of just being!

BigLove AllMyOneOfAKinds!


*Now, if I have mascara running down my face, or lipstick in my teeth, do tell me. That isn’t my fashion statement 🙂

What does 2015 mean to you?

For me, it means:

*Fresh Start

*New Goals

*New Ideas

*Leaving the Past in the Past

*Working on Becoming the Ultimate ME!

*Oh, yah….Finally getting to my Goal Weight! 😉

With all these fresh new ideas, they will take a some time to actually acknowledge them through out the day…mmmm….who knew?! Needless to say… with these grand ideas that we put out on a whim…well…..their success rate may be low. It certainly takes more than a whim or a last minute idea for something to grow. With any change, you are planting a seed. These seeds are ‘small’ in relationship to what it takes to grow these seeds, Sun and water. That is Sun and water EVERYDAY! Just like a plant, with these new changes in place, in the beginning you are young and fragile. Over time, you’ll have deep roots, a substantial core, and a lively growth. Reaping all it’s given: Sun and Water. When you think about what it takes to get a plant going, and if you have ever nursed a plant back to health, you will know, you treat it with extra special love and care. This goes the same for you. We need extra love and care for making these decisions. After all, these new changes are our ‘babies’.

With the passing of 2014, I took time to write out ALL the items I was leaving in 2014. This was a list I didn’t take lightly. Not only did I write what I was letting go, but, why I was thankful for letting each go. How did I learn from those items? After all, it’s all about learning and you certainly cannot move forward without being grateful for those items, even the not so great ones. Then I wrote ALL the items that I was creating a space for in 2015.

Writing this, it’s 13 days into the new year, and I had let myself ‘lapse’ a bit on day 10. I know that I wasn’t taking the time to affirm my changes like I had in the prior 10 days. I was starting to listen to those voices in my head saying, ‘hey, it’s ok…I’m just a corn chip…have a couple….’, They key with falling down is getting back up and recommitting to why you started the change in the 1st place. I wasn’t giving those changes the Sun and water it needed to grow.

New changes mean you need to create a space that was once filled by something else. Take time to continue to free up that space for your hopes and dreams. It just needs a space. Remember that two things cannot occupy one space. Choose which do you want 2014 or 2015?!

Be KIND to your ‘new’ you! Keep that water and Sun on it in full force everyday!

A great quote: “Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World. – Christopher Columbus

Remember that every morning is a new day. Keep the momentum going on the ‘new’ you!

Some thoughts that always gets me thinking how great we are as humans:

*We are made of the same elements are the stars

*We are not solid. You can shave off any piece of our beings, and look under a microscope and see atoms moving.



Conventional…For you or your paper towels?


adjective \kən-ˈvench-nəl, –ˈven(t)-shə-nəl\

1. Based on or in accordance with general agreement, use, or practice; customary: conventional symbols; a conventional form of address.
2. Conforming to established practice or accepted standards; traditional: a conventional church wedding.


   a. Devoted to or bound by conventions to the point of artificiality; ceremonious.
   b. Unimaginative; conformist:

Do any of the above definitions even sound like something we can use as a definition our lives? There is a time and place for conventional things. But, your life? Re: to 3(a): “Devoted to or bound by conventions to the point of artificiality”, that just sounds sooo much like living in a box. Doing anything artificially is certainly not true to you, your soul, or your purpose. We have all heard, ‘there isn’t a single person in the world like you, you are special’. There never has been and never will be anyone like you. Does conventional fall into those perimeters of being a one of a kind? I know, I have listened to fairy tails as a child to watching tv/movies as an adult of ‘perfect’ relationships. I have drawn up in my head of what I feel is how I should be/live. With these ideas that ‘bind’ us, we tend to not be able to see what is outside of the box…geez….being 3(b): unimaginative; conformist. The thought of being unimaginative is like living in black and white to me. Makes me seize up.

Detaching from the outcome has been a different lesson for me to adhere to, but, the more I do it, the more it has become part of my thought process. Which is kind of like a reverse process. Because whatever we create in our heads is NOT the way it was created to be. So. Detach! 🙂 We have all heard, ‘oh, well that didn’t happened the way I planned….’, well, guess what….it was never supposed to happen the way you had it in your head. No need to get disappointed, because you just created a ‘false’ outcome. Embrace being different, embrace things not happening the way you hoped it to be, detach from living in a box of ideas that do not mean anything to you in this life time. Keep the fairy tails to Disney.

Love is not conventional. No one should be denied of love, how they feel, or living the an unconventional way. I have never thought of myself as conventional anything, and, yes, sometimes my ego reels me into thinking, ‘I shouldn’t do that because what would others think…’, I can’t believe that I sometimes battle with what other people think. I’ve never cared too much…maybe I really do a little more than I think. Bottom line, you live one sweet life, do not let standards, conformity, others thoughts, conversations dictate what you truly feel inside. If it feels good, that is your soul telling you YES!!!

Spirit is Easy, Ego is Hard. Go Easy! 🙂

People will ALWAYS chatter, but…as Bonnie Raitt sang….Let’s give’em something to talk about…

How about LOVE?!? 🙂

BigUnconventionalLove to all of you!!!

Miss Carly

Ps: I do not buy conventional paper towels 😉

One of the hardest lessons to learn…

We all get caught up in the blame game…right? I mean, if I’m late somewhere my 1st instinct was to blame something that ‘made’ me late. Or…if I have fallen in a string of bad luck, I’m sure I have an excuse for that too! Lord knows I couldn’t help myself for being late or falling into a pattern of bad luck…right?!?! Well. The honest to goodness truth is….YES, I have control over these things. I remember reading a funny about, not being able to control everything in life, and my hair was there to show me that. Which…THAT is true. 🙂

One of the hardest lesson that for me needs constant attention, or acknowledgement is: The World is a Mirror. When I 1st heard that, I was getting all heated like, ‘are you telling me, I created ________!!!?!?!?!’, defensive was a word I would use as my reaction. What I’ve learned in the past is, if someone is getting defensive, they are fighting something they know they are wrong/guilty of. So, I take a breath now.

We all have energy that we are omitting. It can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and your energy attracts the same type of energy. When I feel like, I’ve gotten into a rut of things, I stop and think, ok, lets change this around, I do not like feeling like this, or having these things happen to me. Like I mentioned for me, I need constant attention of knowing what I’m falling into. Because, I can easily fall into a toxic conversation with someone about the – he said, she said – If I add to that conversation, I’m asking for more drama. My mode now, is, like a fire drill, to: Stop, drop, and roll. When I feel things coming unwound, I stop and change it. Because, since I’m ‘smarter’ now, I know that everything that happens to me, I take full responsibility for. No blame game needed, unless I want more drama in my life 😉

Stop and think what energy your putting out. If you not sure, look at what has/is happening to you. If that is the path you like, keep it up, if not, time to change to it up. Knowing your in control of your fate is…..liberating!!!!!!!!!! Create your future! Surround yourself with positive beings! You will be amazed at the possibilities that are waiting for you at arms length.

The World is a Mirror, let it be a mirror that you would like to look into!


MissCarly 🙂


One thing to remember is, we have a relationship with EVERYTHING. With our friends/family, with work, with our money, our food, the gym….not all just love and kisses. This is seemingly why we can’t escape the word.

If you think about all the types of relationships we have, you can see how one year you like one thing and another year your into another thing. We aren’t supposed to eat the same food every day for the rest of our lives, so, why would we treat any relationship to a ‘forever’ status? There is all that ego pressure in ‘making’ something forever. Fighting anything is going against the current, and really, we should leave that up to the salmon to do that. Sometimes you need to ask yourself, is this really worth fighting for? What am I really getting from this? Step outside of what you fear to happen, and just allow. If something keeps coming up like a broken record, you need to stop, think, and stop the player. The record will stop playing the same song when you are ready to stop hearing it. Ego likes the same song, Spirit wants a totally different record on the player.

Most of the time, we have these feelings of, what will others think?! Which really, once you learn that NOBODY really cares what you are doing, you will actually start making choices that you want. Not because so and so thinks it’s a great fit! Stopping the chatter from other people in your lives in refreshing and liberating. In fact, remove yourself from the chatter, because their chatter is not making your life, and generally it’s toxic having other people putting their two sense on something that they have no idea about. It’s like someone reading the 1st page and last page of the book….there is a whole lot of details in the middle! Listening to what you feel your needs are, and living in those perimeters, you may find that the world will grant you more than you had in mind.

This subject in itself can be probably the longest book written….remembering to be true to yourself and leaving the social standards of where you should be, or what you should be doing will set your apart from everybody else. Everyone’s book is sooo different, this is why if you take a look around at anything, all we do is talk, listen, and surround ourselves with others, even with strangers! 😉

**Did you notice that this post wasn’t about LOVE?** Because sometimes that isn’t what it’s ALL about! Life is about YOU! Once you are accepting to learn about you, what really makes you tick, all sorts of grand things will happen!

Live everyday like you have been given the greatest gift possible!


Uniquely Me

I’m starting a blog to just to just write about interesting things, what I’m up to, and just great awakening moments I have that I feel would be useful for the masses.

I’ve recently had some awesome changes in my world, I bought a house. That very item has transformed my world more than I could have ever imagined. I have a sense of peace that I have never felt before and It seems to grow daily. My soul finally has a venue to recharge and grow. I always say, ‘I don’t shop at Old Navy’ as a statement that I don’t want to look/be like everybody else (not trying to dis any old navy shoppers, just a general statement). My house is a clear reflection of my eccentric personality. I’ve had a vision since I 1st stepped into that house, it was the 1st house I looked at and KNEW it HAD to be mine! It was such a struggle, one I never thought would be sooo difficult, but, it happened, and forever grateful for my ‘team’ of people that never gave up on my dream I had painted for them. Dec 18, 2013 was the grand day I will never forget. That is when I officially became a tax payer 🙂


I’m looking forward to writing/sharing my world with anyone that wants to listen. keeping this one short!