What am I up to?!

Hello ALL my lovely followers!

Seems I’ve not updated to what I’ve been up to these days! Certainly a lot. 🙂

Currently I’m enrolled at IO Chicago, the premier Improv studio in Chicago. I’m at the VERY end of my 1st Improv level 1 class.  I have signed up for Level 2. How did I get into Improv? At Second City, in my writing classes, they highly advised that you take Improv. As it will greatly improve your writing. Which, YES! Makes total sense. After My writing 3 class, I decided to really give Improv a whirl! Plus, I know that Improv helps your mental process of being quick, and thinking on your toes. Surely being wittier than I already am, couldn’t hurt…right? 🙂 I cannot speak more highly of the classmates I have in my class. They are such an inspiration to me, and they are very much on my eccentric level. Which fuels me more. My Improv quest continues, as my Level 2 begins: Oct 24th.


I’m on a couple of dating websites. My main objective is to meet fun new people and if romance strikes, then, God Bless America! I keep it light and fun. I’m loving meeting new people that live in the city and I’m friends with many of the men I’ve had ‘meetings’ with. I LOVE IT! I spent most of my summer with a great guy, we had a lot of fun and lived a little like a real city kid 🙂 I keep myself open, open to any type of friendship that will arise.

House Projects?

I must admit that cutting my lawn was kind of the extent of my household projects this year :/ I have the flooring for my whole house in my garage, an awesome hickory wood laminate that I’m VERY excited about putting down. My mother is a real saint and was my landscaper this year. I can only hope one day I enjoy weeding and edging as much as she does (fingers crossed).

Sweet & Sassy Desserts?

This was something that I’ve gone back and forth with. After I took the summer off this year to enjoy the nights and not turn on the oven. I realized how much I enjoy coming home from work, and doing whatever I want! After over 5yrs of doing my side business weekly, I have decided to put my energy into other things.  I’m open to whatever that creative field may be. Not to say I will never go back to the baking, but, I’m taking a break from that to see what possibilities are out there for me.

I’ve been enjoying life, and being quite a gypsy on the weekends. Just seeing wherever the wind may blow me. I’m on a journey of life to make it special, eccentric, and exciting. I’m very excited to see what is around the corner……big things!


MissCarly 🙂


MissCarly Update

A little update to what I’ve been up to!

Something I have signed up for that took a couple pushes from a friends grandma was….to get to the city and do something in the arts! Well. After she shook me hard in July, I listened and…signed up for an intro to acting at Actor’s Studio Chicago. I didn’t know what to expect. Along with doing something fun, I really wanted to do two other things: Explore the City and Meet NEW people! These items have been checked off that list.

There is something that feels sooo good with my soul about walking downtown. It’s the wind, the smells, and the sights of all the city has to offer. The location of the class is in the heart of ALL fun things, so, there is such a great hustle down there, and never an empty sidewalk. There was such a feeling of contentment on my 1st day, and I stood over the Chicago River and just took it all in. It felt like my life couldn’t get any better at that very moment. I knew my soul needed this new beginning.

As I am an outgoing person, this class for sure has help lift some of a blanket I have kept on me. The class was much better than I expected and I expected it to be great! I certainly have a whole new respect for actors. Man, I just thought a good actor meant they could read a script well….well….that is just like 10% of it! Sooo many facets of the art. It really opened up my horizons to that form of art. Needless to say, I have signed up for the 2nd session of the intro to acting. I’ll be with some of my old classmates and some new people as well. Meeting these new people is a fav of mine. We had done all these awesome exercises each class to get comfortable with each other. These are exercises that sure would be helpful with my current friends/family! It was an awesome feeling to have instant bonds with my new classmates. Sooo looking forward to my next session starting Dec 6th!

Home updates! Well, my ’86 Cadillac of a furnace wasn’t doing so well. I was informed by my HVAC guy that she wouldn’t make it through the winter. She lived a good long life without a doubt! So, I have a new totally efficient furnace to keep me warm!

NIU will be coming to a close mid December. I had made the decision months ago, really, I told myself I wasn’t going back there in May….but…the thought of extra money to pay my bills, it seemed like the right thing at the moment. Plus I had told them, I’d only work 3 nights a week. Which they agreed to the terms, which I thought they wouldn’t. I can tell in these last passing weeks that the universe is telling me not to go back there, for real this time! I’m listening!!!! 🙂 Sometimes it takes me a few pushes. A lesson I have been learning is more is not more, more has been less for me. I’m not my true person working there. I’m sleep deprived, filled with chatty-toxic environment, and I have literally no time for me. Which. I’m my own MOST important person, that I’ve pushed to the side, and it’s showing its face. I’m also crabbier. Yes. I’ve been crabby 🙂 Again, showing me, that I’m not acting in a true reflection of myself.

There is something BIG around the corner of letting go of the fear of ‘not having enough funds’, this is where I will grow as a person. Letting go of that blanket, which really is a crutch…after all.

I’m looking forward mid Dec to the rest of my eternity to…not being crabby 🙂

With Thanksgiving being around the corner, like most, I have been making self reflections on my life. I’ve been practicing being grateful for all the things in my life, even the items I do not like, I’m truly grateful for the lows and the highs.

I’m opening the door of my life for unbelievable opportunities.

Practicing less is actually more.

Being grateful for every bridge or road block I encounter.

Happy Beginning of the Holidays to ALL!



Uniquely Me

I’m starting a blog to just to just write about interesting things, what I’m up to, and just great awakening moments I have that I feel would be useful for the masses.

I’ve recently had some awesome changes in my world, I bought a house. That very item has transformed my world more than I could have ever imagined. I have a sense of peace that I have never felt before and It seems to grow daily. My soul finally has a venue to recharge and grow. I always say, ‘I don’t shop at Old Navy’ as a statement that I don’t want to look/be like everybody else (not trying to dis any old navy shoppers, just a general statement). My house is a clear reflection of my eccentric personality. I’ve had a vision since I 1st stepped into that house, it was the 1st house I looked at and KNEW it HAD to be mine! It was such a struggle, one I never thought would be sooo difficult, but, it happened, and forever grateful for my ‘team’ of people that never gave up on my dream I had painted for them. Dec 18, 2013 was the grand day I will never forget. That is when I officially became a tax payer 🙂


I’m looking forward to writing/sharing my world with anyone that wants to listen. keeping this one short!